Real Techniques Limited Edition Multi-task Set

Myriam Zmantar

Posted on November 20 2017

Real Techniques Limited Edition Multi-task Set

This blog post is on the Real Techniques Limited Edition Multitask Set. It’s a brush set containing 3 brand new brushes!

The brushes have synthetic bristles. They are very soft, well-made brushes.

The Multitask Face Brush is an angled but fluffy and dense brush. It’s perfect for applying powder products like foundation, blush, contour, or bronzer.

The Real Techniques Brushes, in general, have the ability to be multi-tasking. Do not limit yourself to what is written on the packaging. The famous Youtuber, Tanya Burr, is the very example. She uses the Real Techniques Sculpting Brush for foundation. So don’t be afraid to use this brush for foundation if you would like to. It’s dense enough to provide good coverage.

Next, we have the Multi Task Cheek Brush. You can use it to apply blush, highlight, contour and to set your under eye area.

Finally, we have the Multi Task Eye Brush. It’s the perfect crease and blending brush. You can also use it for the lower lash-line.

This set also contains a panoramic case which is very handy for travels!

The Real Techniques Multi-task set is a must have. Not only it's perfect for travel but also for a daily use!


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