Affiliate Program

Are you a Beauty Enthusiast or a Makeup Lover? If this is your case, then join our Affiliate Program!

By connecting with us, you can add our banners or coupon or product links to any of your social media platforms as your YouTube channel, blog or website. Each time you direct a customer to Orabel, and he or she makes a purchase, you will earn a 7% commission.

Advantages of joining our Affiliate Program:

- 7% commission on each order

- 5 CAD bonus on each order over 200 CAD

- 50 CAD bonus on total sales of 1000 CAD/month

- 15% off on your personal orders over 40$ (revocable at any moment. Available for four months renewable.)

Just sign up on Shareasale, add one of our banner or coupon to your website and start earning. 

Signing up with Shareasale is free. Plus, you will find several banners, of different sizes and design, and coupons that you can add to your platform. With Sharesale you can track your sales and thereby the money you earn.


Orabel reserves the right to cancel the agreement at any time if conditions are not respected!

The promo code is used for promotion. The affiliate must tag us on social media when a product is posted. If the member doesn't respect this condition, the partnership will be void.


Sign up NOW!